Recovery is the natural by-product of a successful backup; however, there's a world of difference between a recovery that "just happens" and one that is well planned and periodically tested.

A Plan For Success

If you're like most of us in the IT world, you're the man, or woman, with a plan. And it probably looks something like this .. Every virtual machine, regardless of its role, has a nightly image level backup retained for at least seven days. All your application servers, MS Exchange, Oracle and Share Point, have application level backups. File servers are backed up nightly and retained on a daily, weekly and monthly set rotation. You're even backing up Active Directory and the (3) remaining physical servers. Every backup has both a local and remote copy. Life is good and you are a case study in Cover Your Assets style backup . Yep, you've got a plan ... for backup.

So what's your recovery plan look like? Is it even remotely as carefully crafted? After all, recovery is where the rubber hits the road, right?

If you haven't put as much effort into your Recovery Plan as you have the backup schedule, the reality is, when disaster strikes the rubber that hits the road could well be the soles of your shoes.

Recovery You Can Count On

Regardless of the scope of your disaster, with a Priorpoint DRaaS solution you can restore critical servers and key business processes within a matter of minutes. Custom designed to fit your specific Recovery Point and Time Objectives (RPO/RTO) our DRaaS offers:

  • "Instant on" recovery of your VMWare or MS Hyper-V virtual servers
  • Recovery to our highly secure cloud infrastructure
  • Dedicated VLAN and storage assets
  • Periodic testing in our cloud - no need to schedule travel time and book overnight accommodations.
  • A solid foundation on which to build your Business Continuity Plan.

 Contact Priorpoint today and find out how a custom DRaaS solution can benefit you.