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Cloud Backup And Recovery


Our powerful user manger application allows you to restore your data 7/24/365 without need of special assistance. If additional assistance is required, our technical support staff is ready to help. Since every Priorpoint cloud backup can have a locally stored copy, Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) can be measured in minutes.


With our "agent-less" configuration, you need only install the software on a single server or workstation. This configuration is preferred and has the added benefit of centralized management and local backup set storage. It is rare that Virtual Machines (VMs) would require an agent be installed; however some configurations may require an agent be installed on target systems where application specific backups are desired.


Priorpoint's cloud backup service uses the highest level of encryption allowed by law, both "in flight" (during transmission) and at rest. In fact, you have multiple levels of encryption to choose from, including AES128, AES256 or none at all. Optionally, some configurations can support dedicated point-to-point or branch office Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for additional security.

All day long! Seriously, with our Continuous Data Protection(CDP) feature, you can literally backup your virtual servers all day long.

Priorpoint cloud backups support all the major virtualization platforms such as VMWare, Hyper-V and Citrix Zen Server. With features such as P2V (Physical to Virtual), Instant On Recovery and File Level Recovery, a single backup can accommodate all of your recovery requirements.

As long as you need!

You can create backup set retention policies to suite your needs. While Daily, Weekly, and Monthly retention are most common, with our Tiered Storage options, you can cost effectively save data online for years.

With automatic, fully configurable e-mail alerts.

Unlike tape and USB copy processes, your cloud backups are verified continuously by our storage servers to ensure data integrity. When combined with configurable e-mail alerts and our continuous job monitoring, you can be assured your backups are reliable.


Along with traditional server and workstation systems, Priorpoint has a solution for all your endpoint devices including laptops, tablets and smart phones.


Hybrid Cloud Computing (IaaS)

The term cloud computing is widely used to describe a number of remote computing solutions with a diverse set of provisioning techniques. The one thing all cloud computing solutions have in common is a need to ensure privacy and data security. Private and semi-private, or "Hybrid" cloud designs address this concern by logically and/or physically segmenting each subscriber's environment

Priorpoint builds only private or Hybrid clouds for our customers. By provisioning dedicated virtual servers and logically segmenting your network on our cloud infrastructure, we offer the security and privacy of a private network, with the economy of a shared infrastructure.


Properly configured, a hybrid cloud is highly secure. Priorpoint's hybrid cloud solution employs several secure access options, including, but not limited to, dedicated and mobile VPN access.

IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, is the provisioning of traditional network resources such as firewalls, switches, routers, servers and storage from cloud based shared resources. As provisioned by Priorpoint, your IaaS solution is logically segment through dedicated servers, storage and Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) provisioned on our shared enterprise infrastructure.


Your servers and data reside on our redundant SAN (storage area network) located in our bio-metrically secure, Tier 3+ co-location facility. We do not out-source our storage to 3rd party providers. Like your virtual file and application servers, your data is assigned a dedicated virtual disk, visible and accessible only to you.

Additionally, all virtual servers are backed up nightly with a minimum 30 day retention. For added protection, nightly backups are replicated to our secondary DR site.


Cloud computing frees you from the annualized hardware/software upgrade cycle, converting network infrastructure from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure. This approach reduces overall cost and eases cash flow concerns typical with end of year or quarterly budgets.