This is a short historic of how we started this company and where we are now:


The journey begins

Originally founded in 1991 as a network consulting and support provider, Priorpoint has evolved over its nearly 25 years to meet the ever changing needs of its diverse customer base. When Novell Netware™ and MS-DOS™ were the reigning kings of technology, we were there. As Microsoft Windows™ and Windows NT™ matured into enterprise class operating systems and the internet morphed into a business critical infrastructure, we were there. We designed, built and maintained thousands of mission critical business solutions over the past three decades. With the advent of "the cloud" and technologies such as server and desktop virtualization, cloud computing and cloud backup, we are once again helping our clients optimize their investment in business technology.

The Cloud Changes Everything

In 2000, as Capitalbackup, we pioneered the adaptation of "cloud backup" as a service (then known as on-line backup or electronic vaulting), helping our customers leverage their internet investment and dramatically improve their disaster recovery preparedness. By offering a fully automated, continually monitored and professionally designed solution to the critical concern of data backup, we have helped hundreds of customers meet or exceed their data recovery objectives. For almost two decades now, our "best in class" approach to service provisioning has meant cost effective and reliable backups for businesses of all types and sizes. Our commitment to excellence has meant peace of mind for our customers.


Evolving Backup Into DR

Leveraging our expertise in both cloud backup and virtualization, we once again led the way by offering Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions built around back end virtualization. Allowing for shorter recovery times, DRaaS enhanced cloud backup and helped shift the focus back to recovery. Utilizing routine backups, our recover to cloud process provided even greater value to our customers. Ultimately, our investments in the DRaaS virtual recovery infrastructure led to offering a full suite of cloud services.


Full Service Cloud

In 2009 Priorpoint expanded service offerings to include private/semi-private cloud computing and virtualization services. Having been "in the cloud" for almost two decades, we have a deep knowledge of cloud computing and its unique security concerns; that is why we offer only private or semi-private cloud solutions. By dedicating a virtualized network to your business, we ensure privacy, while exploiting the economies of a shared physical infrastructure and the freedom to compute anywhere in the world.

In the spring of 2012, our shared infrastructure received a major upgrade. Driven by our heavy focus on security and up-time, Priorpoint relocated our datacentre to Parsippany, NJ and incorporated a redundant site in Canton, OH. Now housed in a Tier3+ datacentre with features such as multi-proximity points, mantraps, eye recognition, bio-metrics, multiple n+1 power generation, (3) redundant fiber routes all backed by SSAE type 2 and HIPPA audits, our customers enjoy greater peace of mind. Just as we bring reliable, trustworthy solutions and service to our cloud backup customers, you can expect the same focus on quality and service in our cloud hosting and virtualization offerings.